Lombok Island has varied types of accommodations for your great comfort and relaxation. Which almost all of Lombok hotels and lodges operate on the relaxation and leisure type of services or fun services. In addition, because of the landscapes of Lombok Island has several type of altitude, that make the location of hotels and lodges in Lombok have three types of land altitudes.

Here under we list the hotels and lodges as their landscaping locations in Lombok Island, detail of choice as follows:

NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1. Sheraton Beach Resort5HotelSenggigi
2.The Puncak5VillaGreen Valley Senggigi
3.Kebun Villas & Resort5VillaSenggigi
4.Santosa Villas5Villa & HotelSenggigi
5.Pool Villa Club5VillaSenggigi
6.The Katamaran Resort5Hotel & VillaMangsit
7.Living Asia4VillaKlui
8.Sudamala Resort4VillaMangsit
9.Svarga Villa and Resort4VillaKerandangan
10.The Chandi Hotel4VillaBatu Layar
11.Qunci Villa4VillaMangsit
12.Verve Villas4VillaMangsit
13. Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel4BungalowSenggigi
14. Holiday Resort Lombok4HotelMangsit
15. Jayakarta Hotel4HotelBatulayar
16.Imaj Private Villas4VillasBatulayar
17. Puri Mas Boutique Hotel & Villa4BoutiqueMangsit
18. Alang Alang Hotel and Villa4BoutiqueMangsit
19. Jeeva Klui Hotel4BoutiqueKlui beach
20.Dream Estate3HotelSenggigi
21.Puri Malimbu3HotelPanati Malimbu
22. Puri Saron 3BoutiqueMangsit
23.Puri Bunga Hotel3HotelSenggigi
24. Pasific Hotel3HotelKerandangan
25. Mascot2BungalowSenggigi
26. Aruna Beach Hotel3HotelSenggigi
27. Bukit Senggigi Hotel3HotelSenggigi
28. Bintang Senggigi Hotel3HotelSenggigi
29. Batu Bolong Cottages2CottagesSenggigi
30.Hotel Bulan Baru1HotelKlui Beach
31. Dharmarie Hotel1HotelSenggigi
32. Sunset House1CottagesSenggigi
33. Sendok Guest House1CottagesSenggigi
34. Puri Senggigi1CottagesSenggigi
35. Lina CottagesCottagesSenggigi
36.Raja’s BungalowBungalowSenggigi
37.Elen HotelCottagesSenggigi
38. Transit Hotel1CottagesSenggigi
39.Central Inn2CottageSenggigi
40.Bumi Aditya1CottageSenggigi
41.Jazz CottageCottageSenggigi
42. Grand Senggigi1CottagesSenggigi


NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1. The Oberoi Resorts5BoutiqueSire Beach
2. The Lombok Lodge5BoutiqueSire Beach
3. Tugu Hotel5BoutiqueSire Beach
4.The Anandita Villas5VillasSire Beach
5. Medana Resort3HotelSire Beach


NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1. Novotel Coralia4HotelKuta Beach Lombok
2. Tastura Resort3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
3. Kuta Indah Hotel2HotelKuta Beach Lombok
4.Villa Bau Nyale3VillaKuta Beach Lombok
5.Riviera Villas3VillaKuta Beach Lombok
6.Santai Villas4VillaKuta Beach Lombok
7.Shu Villa3VillaKuta Beach Lombok
8.Villa Joey4VillaKuta Beach Lombok
9.JM Hotel3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
10.Sari Inn Kuta2HotelKuta Beach Lombok
11.Mia Mia Private Villas2VillaKuta Beach Lombok
12.Kies Villa3VillaKuta Beach Lombok
13.Hammer Head Hotel3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
14.Family House Lombok3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
15.Pantai South Villa3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
16.Grand Royal BIL3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
17.D’praya Hotel3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
18.Melati Rotel3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
19.Same Same Bungalow3BungalowKuta Beach Lombok
20.Kuta Baru2HotelKuta Beach Lombok
21.Sasak Lombok Bungalow2HotelKuta Beach Lombok
22. Mimpi Manis Hotel1Home StayKuta Beach Lombok
23. Bumbangku Beach Cottages3HotelKuta Beach Lombok
24. Segara Anak Cottages1BungalowKuta Beach Lombok
25. Surfer Inn1CottagesKuta Beach Lombok
26. Matahari Inn1HotelKuta Beach Lombok
27. Puri Rinjani Hotel1CottagesKuta Beach Lombok
NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1. Lombok Raya Hotel3HotelMataram
2. Sahid Legi Hotel3HotelMataram
3. Lombok Garden3HotelMataram
4. Aston Inn Hotel Mataram3HotelMataram
5.Sayang Villas3VillasLingsar
6. Lombok Plaza Hotel3HotelCakranegara
7. Golden Tulip Hotel4HotelRembiga Mataram
8.Golden Palace4HotelCakranegara
9.Santika Hotel4HotelMataram
10.Fave Hotel3HotelMataram
11.Idoop Hotel3HotelCakranegara
12.Puri Indah Hotel3HotelCakranegara
13.Mataram Square3HotelMataram
14.M Hotel3HotelCakranegara
15.Pratama Hotel3HotelMataram
16. Giri Hotel3Hotel Mataram
17. Graha Ayu Hotel2HotelMataram
18. Handika Hotel2HotelMataram
19. Zaitun Hotel2HotelCakranegera
20. Mataram Hotel1HotelCakranegara
21. Crown Hotel1HotelCakranegara
22. Griya Asri Hotel1HotelMataram
23. Bidari Hotel1HotelMataram
24. Victor Hotel1HotelCakranegara
25. Astiti Hotel1HotelCakranegara
26.Losmen Cabe MerahLosmenAmpenan
27. Ratih HotelHotelCakranegara
28.Cendrawasih HotelHotelCakranegara
NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1.Ombak Sunset Hotel5VillasGili Trawangan
2.Kelapa Luxury Villas5VillasGili Trawangan
3. Oceano Jumbuluwuk Resort5VillasGili Trawangan
4. Vamana Resort4VillasGili Trawangan
5. Villas SamaLama Resort4VillasGili Trawangan
6. Gili Khumba Villas4VillasGili Trawangan
7. TAMOA Boutique Hotel4VillasGili Trawangan
8. Kaleydo Villas4VillasGili Trawangan
9.Villa Almarik Hotel4VillasGili Trawangan
10.Villa Ombak Hotel4VillasGili Trawangan
11. Pandawa Conflict Resort4VillasGili Trawangan
12. Aston Hotel4VillasGili Trawangan
13.Villa Grasia4VillasGili Trawangan
14.Gili Exotic Villas4VillasGili Trawangan
15.Gili Eco Villas4VillasGili Trawangan
16.Gili Villas4VillasGili Trawangan
17.Villa Julius4VillasGili Trawangan
18.Balikana Boutique Beach Resort4VillasGili Trawangan
19.Tir Na Nog Hotel4HotelGili Trawangan
20.Trawangan Dive Hotel4HotelGili Trawangan
21.The H. Rooms Hotel4HotelGili Trawangan
22.Gili Palm Resort4HotelGili Trawangan
23.Scallywags4HotelGili Trawangan
24.The New Savanah Beach Hotel4VillasGili Trawangan
25.Desa Dunia Beda4VillasGili Trawangan
26. Beach House4VillasGili Trawangan
27. Gili Amor Boutique Resort4VillasGili Trawangan
28. Les Villa Ottalia4VillasGili Trawangan
29. The Trawangan Resort3VillasGili Trawangan
30. Yoga Garden Rooms3VillasGili Trawangan
31. Pesona Resort3VillasGili Trawangan
32. Sama Sama Bungalow3VillasGili Trawangan
33.Dream Divers Bungalow3BungalowGili Trawangan
34. Belukar Villas3VillasGili Trawangan
35. Gili Teak Resort3CottagesGili Trawangan
36. Palmeto Village3CottagesGili Trawangan
37. Bale Sampan Bungalow3BungalowGili Trawangan
38. Cotton Tree Cottages3CottagesGili Trawangan
39.Snapper Bungalow3HotelGili Trawangan
40.Hotel Samba Gili Trawangan3BungalowGili Trawangan
41.Eden Cottages3CottagesGili Trawangan
42.Hotel Ocean Bungalow2HotelGili Trawangan
43.Hotel Lumbung Trawangan2HotelGili Trawangan
44. Ozzy Cottage Bungalow2BungalowGili Trawangan
45. Angel Cottages2CottagesGili Trawangan
46. Bagaz Cottages2CottagesGili Trawangan
47.Hotel Unggul Gili Trawangan2HotelGili Trawangan
48.Hotel Good Heart1HotelGili Trawangan
49.Hotel Edy Bungalow Gili Trawangan1BungalowGili Trawangan
50. Litte Woodstock Homestay1HomestayGili Trawangan


NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1.Villa Nautilus4VillaGili Meno
2.Seri Resort4VillasGili Meno
3.Karma Reef Resort4VillasGili Meno
4. Gazebo Hotel3HotelGili Meno
5. Casablanca Hotel3HotelGili Meno
6.Biru Meno Beach Bungalow3VillasGili Meno
7.Tropical Hideway Resort3VillasGili Meno
8.Kontiki Meno Hotel3VillasGili Meno
9.Harum meno Bungalow3BungalowGili Meno
10.Meno Mojo Resort3VillasGili Meno
11.Mallias Bungalow3BungalowGili Meno
12. Mahamaya Resort3HotelGili Meno
13. Hotel Bird Park1HotelGili Meno
NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1.Slow Private Pool Villas4VillasGili Air
2.Soul Villas4VillasGili Air
3.Gili Air Lagoon Resort4VillasGili Air
4. Gili Air Hotel3HotelGili Air
5. Villa Karang3HotelGili Air
6. Villa Casa Mio3VillaGili Air
7.Ocean 5 Resort3VillasGili Air
8.Chill Out Bungalows3BungalowGili Air
9.Kaluku Gili Rresort3CottagesGili Air
10.Bambu Cottages3CottagesGili Air
11.Puri Air Beach Resort3CottagesGili Air
12. Fantastic Gili Hostel3CottagesGili Air
13.The Waterfront Resort3HotelGili Air
14.Villa Bulan Madu3CottagesGili Air
15.Gili Air Bungalow2BungalowGili Air
16.Omah Gili Hotel2HotelGili Air
17.7SEAS Cottages2CottagesGili Air
18. Manta Dive Hotel Gili Air 2Hotel & VillaGili Air
19. Sunrise Gili Air1HotelGili Air
NoHotel, Resort and BoutiqueStarTypeHotel Located
1. Hotel Cocotinus4Hotel & VillasSekotong
2. Dolphin Cottages1CottagesSekotong
3. Hotel Pearl Sekotong2HotelSekotong
4.Hotel Bola Bola Paradise2HotelSekotong
5.Gili Nanggu Hotel1CottagesGili Nanggu